Thank you for your interest in our anti-bullying information products Tease Free Kids have found that most information about bullying does not explain how to manage a bully or encourage the students, teachers and parents to speak up and speak out when they see bullying happen. Tease Free Kids takes a different approach. In the Washington DC area (will travel outside the Washington, DC area)we provide seminars and classes for children and teens on HOW to prevent being bullied by becoming “bully proof” and HOW to stop bullying once it occurs. We also conduct workshops to rehabilitate the bully. No one wants to deal with the bully but as a Children Advocate for Change, connecting with the bully is a major part of the rehabilitation and prevention Tease Free Kids plan of action. What you learn from our anti-bullying products can prevent your child from being bullied and, if it is already happening, how to make it stop. Parents get plenty of advice on HOW to solve the bully problem. That’s the focus of our anti-bullying products and the core of our anti-bullying program
We also offer anti-bullying information products for parents, students and community organizations that teach: •How to help your community become “bully proof”
•How your child should respond, if bullied and how you should respond
•How to effectively intervene during a bullying incident
•How to approach and combat bullying from the bully standpoint
That’s Not My Name (Book) $9.75 Jake was a very happy little boy. His father got a new job and they had to move to a new city. The story follows Jake into the world of Bullying and the effects of it. The discussion points in the back of the book are a great way to open up a discussion about bullying with your young child.
Tease Free Kids Signature T-Shirt Wear a Tease Free Kids t-shirt to take a stand in preventing and restoring our communities. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Quinton Aaron Foundation against Bullying
Campaign Kit $30.00 Start your A.R.E. Start with me campaign today. Great for Youth Organizations
Community Events
Church Youth Departments Package includes: 5 Posters
5 Tease Free Kids Wristbands
5 Campaign Laminated Member Badges
5 Tease Free Kids Buttons
1 Tease Free Kids Activity Manual
Tease Free Kids
 Activity Manual $18.00 This manual will help keep the anti-bullying awareness values and program concept fresh in the mind of the program participants. The activities are fun, creative and thought provoking.
Look At Me T-Shirt
Ink Color

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