About Tease Free Kids
The Tease-Free Kids anti-bullying program forges partnerships with organizations in an effort to positively impact our society’s children. Our goal is to replace negative behaviors with acceptance, respect, and empathy by “Changing Hearts, One Child at a Time.” We have introduced the Tease-Free Kids program in numerous schools, youth organizations, and summer camps; and we have presented it to key groups within government agencies, namely the United States Department of Education and the United States Department of Transportation. The Prince George’s County School Superintendent, as well as principals, teachers, parents and, most of all, students who have experienced Tease-Free Kids have commended the program for its positive effect on the lives of children and teenagers. Tease-Free Kids has recently celebrated the first of a series of anti- bullying children's books entitled, “That's Not My Name”. We are also proud to announce that we have created the very first, and only, National Anti-bullying Hall of Fame, through which we recognize individuals and organizations for their amazing efforts to eradicate bullying. We also have Tease Free Kid Ambassadors all over the United States as well as in Sweden and Canada. Please come take a stand against bullying with Tease Free Kids.
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About Our Founder
Hi,I am Anita Fendall the founder of Tease Free Kids, Anti-Bullying and Leadership Speaker, Consultant and Author. As a mom of four. I have witnessed and observed the effects of bullying within the school system and within the community. The peer pressure and after effects of being teased, bullied or picked on reduces a child’s ability to be a confident and productive citizen. That is why I am on this mission to eliminate and prevent bullying for the next generation and to rehabilitate both the bully and the victim lives. I specialize in anti-bullying and leadership presentations. I challenge my audience that change starts at home, continues in the school and is birthed into the community.
The "Team"

Nina Harrison   Production Manager

Anita Fendall    Founder & CEO

April Fowler      Outreach Manager

Zina Trull           Production Coordinator

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